Billing software is designed to manage billing and time tracking for your business. Besides, this software will help you to create invoice for your customers. The hours worked by employees and expenses associated with projects or clients can be tracked by this software.
Billing software will help you to create billing cycle reports to show information like hours worked, incurred expenses, billing amount for clients and owing money for clients or specific projects.
Data Host IT has a fantastic billing software which is named eBilling. eBilling is a feature enriched web based billing software. This software has very easy user interface so that you can manage all types of invoice and billing for unlimited products or services. It’ll provide you a wonderful client dashboard where you can view your all invoices and transaction histories. The admin can assign more than one users who will manage the sales and billing process for the business.


  • Dashboard

  • Managing customers

    1. Add customers
    2. List customers
    3. Customer groups
  • Managing passport

  • Managing companies

  • Managing transactions

    1. New deposit
    2. New expense
    3. Transfer
    4. View transactions
    5. Balance sheet
  • Managing sales

    1. Invoices
    2. New invoice
    3. Recurring invoices
    4. New recurring invoice
    6. Create new quote
    7. Payments
  • Managing orders

    1. List of all orders
    2. Add new order
  • Documents

  • Calendar

  • Bank and Cash

    1. New account
    2. List of accounts
    3. Account balances
  • Products and Services

    1. Products
    2. New product
    3. Services
    4. New Service
  • Reports

    1. Account statement
    2. Income reports
    3. Expense reports
    4. Income vs Expense
    5. Executive statement
    6. Reports by date
    7. All incomes
    8. All expenses
    9. All transactions
  • Utilities

    1. Activity log
    2. Email message log
    3. Database status
    4. CRON log
    5. Integration code
    6. System status
    7. Terminal
  • Appearance

    1. User interface
    2. Customizable
  • Settings

    1. General settings
    2. Staff
    3. Roles
    4. Localization
    5. Currencies
    6. Payment gateways
    7. Expense categories
    8. Income categories
    9. Manage tags
    10. Payment methods
    11. Sales taxes
    12. Email settings
    13. Email templates
    14. Custom Contact Fields
    15. Automation settings
    16. API access
    17. Module manager

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