CRM(Customer Relationship Management) is a type of software which will help you to manage your business in different ways by the following process:

Customer interaction
Customer data
Access into business information
Track leads
Customer support
Clients and contacts
Partner relationship
Knowledge and training
Assets of resources
CRM software is vastly used in big enterprises. Since this software is making your business process easier, many small business owners have started to use this software.
CRM software is designed to gain the maximum goal of customer relationship management. Today’s CRM software is highly customizable to get effective customer insights. These insights will be managed through a backend analytical engine.
CRM software can be installed on-premises or web based(cloud application) where CRM software provider will host your software. Nowadays the popularity of web based application is increasing drastically.
Data Host IT has built ProMax CRM software for your business organisations. ProMax CRM software is the best fit for both small and big business institutes. ProMax CRM will make you more professional to your customers as well as will help you to improve your business performance.


  • Managing and building invoice for the projects with the powerful Project Management Features.

  • Linking tasks to many Ultimate CRM features and staying organized.  

  • Building professional, great looking estimates and invoices.  

  • Importing tickets automatically for powerful support system.  

  • Tracking time spent on tasks and billing your customers. Ability to assign multiple tasks for staff members and tracking time for each assigned task.

  • Keeping track of leads in one place and following their progress easily. You will be able to import leads automatically from email. You can add notes and can create proposals. Besides, you can organize your leads in stages and change stages easily with drag and drop.

  • Creating good looking proposals for leads or customers and increasing sales.

  • Recording your company/project expenses and having ability to bill your customers and creating invoice automatically.

  • Knowing more about your customers with powerful CRM.

  • Increasing customer retention via built-in surveys.

  • Using the goal tracking features to keep sales goal in mind.

  • Creating announcements for your staff, members and customers.

  • Using Contracts feature to lock the current and future sales.

  • Extra information can be stored in custom fields for customers, leads and more.

  • Tons of configurable options.

  • Designing your CRM with your company’s brand and styling with powerful theme features.

  • Separated media folder for non-admin staff members to work inside the CRM and organising their uploads and files.

  • Great looking calendar for each staff member based on access permission.

  • Following ups, reports, notes,files and many other features.

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