Administrator Features 

  • Admin can manage full this software.
  • Add dynamic class, section and group.
  • Admin can select student capacity in a class and section.
  • Admin can view, edit and delete class’s information, section and group.
  • Add new student in this software as student admission.
  • Admin can view student’s details and parents information.
  • Edit and delete student information.
  • Admin can view the full school students attendance percentage.
  • Students attendance percentage have two type a) Daily or running attendance percentage. b) Total or yearly attendance percentage.
  • Add class routine for individual class and section.
  • Add new teacher in this system.
  • Can edit and delete any teacher’s information.
  • Add dynamic subjects for every class.
  • Can delete from any class also edit class subject information.
  • Admin can declared notice for all user in this software.
  • If admin want declared different notice for different user.
  • Admin can make parents profile for this software.
  • Admin can delete parent’s profile.
  • Add grade with point for examination.
  • Add exam and exam routine by different class.
  • Admin can view all examination routine by class title and exam title.
  • If admin want can edit and delete exam and examination routine.
  • Admin can view the result of examination attendance.
  • Admin can check result sheet and accept result sheet which is sent from teacher.
  • Admin can complete the full result in a class and publish the result.
  • Admin can publish the result in the school for all class.
  • Admin can view any student’s mark sheet.
  • Add new book and book’s category for library in this software.
  • Admin can view, edit and delete books and book’s category from the library.
  • Add new transport, route and vehicles for the school’s students, teachers and employee.
  • Admin can send SMS to the students/parents/teachers
  • Admin can send Marks to the students via SMS






Teacher Features 


Special feature: 

  1. Teacher can upload study materials for students 
  2. Teacher can upload students marks to make automatic result
  3. Teacher can communiate students or other administratives with internal chat
  4. Teacher can send SMS to the students



Mode of Payment 

  1. 50% with work order
  2. 25% after UAT (User acceptance test)
  3. 25% within 7 days after uploaded on the live server.


Development Time Frame

Project will be represent to the testing within 10 working days from the work order confirmation, Next 30 working days to bug fixing & modification of the functions  


Demo School Management Software

This system is mobile SMS integrated;

Login URL: 



Admin ID:

Password: 123456


passwrod: 123456


Password: 123456

Password: 123456



Video Demo Link:

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