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What you can do with the software…




Why Online Course Management Software….


Rich Communication Tools:

Get an awesome website where you can upload all kinds of information, achievements, notices and events that make you 24/7 reachable to the whole world. Anyone can reach you or can communicate you through the contact us page of your website. Besides there is contact number too.

Online Communication is Easier Than Traditional On-Campus Communication:

People who want to communicate you or you want to communicate, a website is the best way.  

Hassle free Admission system:

Students can fill up the online admission form paying you the admission fee via online banking/ mobile banking, get admit card online and after performing admission test can get the result online easily from their home. So, the process is very much friendly and time saving as well as hassle free. The long queue of the bank is disgusting for all I think. After admission student can get all the information from the institution and can make payment too by the software.  

Result Making and printing Tabulation sheets:

Making result is a time consuming and disgusting work where exam committee is always concern about the error as they have to work on a lot of data and each data is sensitive. This software gives you assurance of an error free Result Sheet and Tabulation Sheet within few hours.


More Comfortable Learning Environment:

This software can make a comfortable learning environment for both students and teachers because near about 80% of disgusting work beyond education is managed by the software. 

Improve Your Technical Skills

If you can ensure that your employees are using the software in a proper way then they will be technically more improved and their work efficiency will increase.  

Error free output:

If the input is error free then the output is error free in the software. Our software has sufficient checking fields which ensure you an error free input. You just input a little basic data, the software will you give hundreds of different type of your necessary data which may assure you an error free output.




Minimize Managerial cost

The software can give you a lot of information which will lessen the work force thus it minimize your managerial cost.

Time saving machine:

Computer is actually a time saving machine if you can use it best. The software is designed such a way it will decrease near about 70% of your work load and save your time a lot

A Better Fit for 21st-Century 

As each and every sector is getting digitalized, the world is faster than before. If someone cannot adapt with the digitalization process, then he/she will be regarded as backdated and can never compete with the fast moving world.


Using software is more secured than any other method of keeping data stored. Everything Work over a secure communication channel. Enforce strong passwords. Keep records of every single activity.


This software gives you an automated certificate generation facility which is very much needed and hassle-free.

How the software Works…























Online Tools are easier Than Traditional Paper based work.



Student Features


  • ü  Student can apply online by make payment via Bkash.
  • ü  Student can download admit from online and be notified necessary information by SMS.
  • ü  Student can see result online and be notified by SMS.
  • ü  Student can apply for online admission and make admission payment via mobile banking.
  • ü  Student can see his completed courses, fees, payments, dues, transcript and other necessary information on his digital account online.
  • ü  Student can be notified about the classes, Exams, Fees, results etc
  • ü  Students can get study materials uploaded by teacher
  • ü  Students can submit assignment to the specific teacher and can get feedback from the teacher.
  • ü  Students can get the mark of continuous assessment  

Admin Features


  • Create Users like Exam committee head, Tabulators, accountants, teachers and other necessary users.
  • Can manage Admission test, admission, curriculum setting, accounts, exams, exam report, salary sheet, results, websites, Notices and other necessary features.
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Publish/Unpublish everything except result.
  • ü  Admin can add/edit/delete student account
  • ü  Admin can active/Inactive modify student profile
  • ü  Admin can view print students list

Exam Committee Head


  • Exam committee head can announce Exam.   
  • Exam committee head can register students for exam.
  • Exam committee head can create Tabulator and assign subjects to the Tabulators.
  • Exam committee head can limit the access of Tabulators after the marks entry is completed
  • Exam committee head can compare the two entries of marks and make a sheet of mismatch between the marks given by the 2 Tabulators.
  • Exam committee head can generate a sheet of which scripts need 3rd examination.
  • Exam committee head can publish and print Tabulation sheet and result sheet.
  • Automatic Mark Calculation to publish instant result in admin and deliver to the students by SMS
  • Exam Result Print option and export in excel for admin.

Tabulators’ Role


  • ü  Tabulators can entry marks for 1st examiner, 2nd examiner, 3rd examiner and continuous assessment.

Accounts Role


  • ü  Accountant can receive payments from students
  • ü  Accountant can print invoice
  • ü  Accountant can add payment type like agrani bank or Bkash etc
  • ü  Accountant can check student payments and dues
  • ü  Accountant can see and print the payment history by individual students, by specific dates and by specific sector like admission form, tuition fee etc. 
  • Account can see the payment summary. 


Teacher’s Role


  • ü  Teacher can upload Study materials
  • ü  Teacher can take assignment and give feedback
  • ü  Teacher can give continuous assessment marks

Student Management


  • ü  Admin can add/edit/delete student account
  • ü  Admin can active/Inactive modify student profile
  • ü  Admin can view print students list

Page Management


  • ü  Admin can create/edit/delete page 
  • ü  Admin update page content in any page from online through an easy user interface.

Blog Management


  • ü  Admin can manage blog categories
  • ü  Admin can create/edit/delete blog post 
  • ü  Admin update post content in any post from online through an easy user interface.

Gift Card/Coupon


  • ü  Admin can create/enable/disable gift card/ weaver/discounts



  • ü  Admin can manage media files
  • ü  admin can manage sidebar content of each section
  • ü  admin can manage photo gallery
  • ü  admin can manage site setting
  • ü  admin can view reposts of all activities

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