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Features of Multi User POS (Point of Sales) Application With integrated Full Featured Dynamic Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Web Application with an excellent Mobile view

Special Features:

  1. Multi User POS (Point of Sales) with Barcode reader
  2. Multi-Vendor E-commerce Website with separate inventory and sale record
  3. App like Mobile View
  4. Agent Management system
  5. SMS integration wherever needed
  6. Payment Method Integration ( bKash/SSL Commerz)
  7. Special discount (flat/percentage), Coupon Code for special group of customers and for special limited time period, reward point and customer rank upgradation and special reward point for ranked customers( silver, gold, star) etc
  8. Generate gift card with a unique number for each customer to track him/her later.
  9. Customer wise report. Report of the whole purchase history of the customer
  10. Customer login panel and some features to be connected with the customer.


Features list of the POS application

  • 1.       Simple & User Friendly Interface
  • 2.       Three User Roles (Owner(Admin), Outlet Manager, Outlet Sales Staff)
  • 3.       Owner Handling Multiple Outlets
  • 4.       Customer Detail & Customer Sales History
  • 5.       Debit Order Report
  • 6.       Add Customer without leaving POS Screen
  • 7.       Search Products from POS
  • 8.       Sales with Tax
  • 9.       Hold Bills Options to save it in Opened Bills at POS
  • 10.   Easy to search Hold Bills from POS
  • 11.   Scan Product Barcode at POS
  • 12.   Discount Options at POS (Able to add Discount by Amount / Percentage at POS)
  • 13.   Return Order after Purchase Items from POS
  • 14.   Gift Card (Able to Buy items from POS with Gift Card)
  • 15.   Print Labels for Products
  • 16.   Set Different Receipt for Different Outlets
  • 17.   Print / Email Receipt to Customer
  • 18.   Able to Add Supplier
  • 19.   Receive Ordered Qty from Suppler and update Receive Qty. and Cost
  • 20.   Deduct Stock Qty. from Inventory when Item sold from POS
  • 21.   Today Sales Report (Export Sales Report by Excel Format)
  • 22.   Report
    • 1.       Search by Outlets
    • 2.       Search by Date
    • 3.       Export Report by Excel Format
  • 23.   Expenses for Each Outlet
  • 24.   Expenses Category
  • 25.   Profit & Loss for Outlets
  • 26.   Detail Profit & Loss for Each Sales
  • 27.   Settings
  • 28.   Payment Methods
    • 1.       Able to Add, Enable/Disable Payment Methods for POS
  • 29.   Outlets
    • 1.       Able to Add Outlets
    • 2.       Able to Assign Users for each Outlet by Manager/Sales Staff Role
  • 30.   Easy to install the Project
  • 31.   Many more for the futures updates

Some more features if needs be…

  • Advance payment receiving from customers and adjust later
  • Selling products in due amount and receive in several phases
  • Manage previous due amount
  • Manage bank details
  • Manage payroll for employees

Commissioning system for affiliate marketing  …

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